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What should I bring?

  • Your camera
  • Birthday cake and food if required
  • Drinks (we suggest 1 litre containers. We provide cups / glasses so juice boxes are not needed)
  • Don’t forget the Birthday child!

How early should I arrive?

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the party start time. Your party host will introduce herself and show you where you can place your cake and refreshments.

There is a waiting area, with toys, books and magazines. Any early parents and guests may wait there.
At your booked party time, you will be escorted into the party room. Please keep your eye open for arrivals and show them in.

What can parents do during the party?

Please enjoy your time watching the party, or chatting with friends in the waiting area. A party parent must be in the building during the party.

Please be aware you will be responsible for any guests that require extra attention (above and beyond typical high-energy children). Our party hosts are experienced with groups of children but cannot spend too much time with one child who requires extra attention. You also must supervise children who need to use the washrooms. Our party hosts can not leave the partyroom take children to the washroom.

Your party host will escort the children into the Cake Room after the entertainment portion of the party.  She will assist in getting the children settled, she will then leave you to serve the food and drink. We provide all plates, cups and cutlery. We also have a cake slice, bowls for chips and a lighter.

After the children have finished eating, check with the hostess, to make sure the party room is ready for the gift opening.

Can I bring  or order food?

You are welcome to bring your own food.  We have a fridge and freezer in the back for you to use, but we do not have anything to cook food. Since we provide cups / glasses, we suggest you bring larger containers of juice / pop rather than individual juice boxes.

Where can I park?

19th Street has only 1 hour parking in front of the building. This is fine for guest drop off, but you may wish to park on 1st Avenue or 2nd Avenue, which do not have parking restrictions.

How do I pay for the party?

Although you will receive a conformation email 2 days before your party. We do understand that guest’s numbers may change, and you are only charged for those who attend. You will have paid a $50.00 deposit upon booking; the balance is due at the end of the party, and you will receive a receipt. Payment can be made by Debit, Visa or MasterCard. You can also pay with cash, but the party host does not carry change. Gratuities are welcome but not expected. If you wish to tip the entertainer, please do so separately from the bill.

What is your cancelation policy?

At the time of booking we take a credit card number for a $50 deposit. The deposit is non-refundable but transferable.

If a party is cancelled with less than a weeks’ notice of the party date 50% of the parties cost will be charged to your credit card.

If a party in cancelled with less than 48hrs notice of the party date the full amount of the party will be charged.




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